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This is not an official page of the EMBASSY OF TURKMENISTAN REPUBLIC OF INDIA.


Crown Foreign Services Pvt. Ltd. Visa Stamping Application Center New Delhi provides Visa Stamping Services for Turkmenistan.

Applicants may apply for Turkmenistan Visa Stamping ( Employment / Business / Tourist /Entry Visa) through us, by submitting their passport in our office by hand/ post/courier/Authorised Representative.

Note: Applicant can also submit directly to the Turkmenistan Embassy New Delhi always.


Visa In order to obtain a Visa: Please read carefully the instructions given on top and the declaration on the bottom of the Visa Application Form. Duly Completed Applications should be delivered in person to: The Embassy of Turkmenistan Consular Section C-11 West End Colony New Delhi, 110021 Phone: (011)24116527; Fax: (011)24116526; The Consular Section is open Monday-Friday from 10.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m. except on National Holidays of Turkmenistan (to see the dates click here) and Government of India Holidays (to see the dates click here). All Applicants - Obtain Visa Application Form 2009 edition (No other forms will any longer be accepted) from the Embassy of Turkmenistan or download it from here. Please fill in one copy of the Visa Application Form with recent passport size photo of maximum 6 months old glued to the Form. Do not staple pictures, nor fold or otherwise deteriorate the Form. Dates in the Application must be strictly in the day-month-year (DD-MM-YYYY) format. - Submit a signed passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure) along with a copy of its 1st page (showing bearer’s picture, details and signature), arranged vertically into the upper part of a standard A4 Size paper. The Embassy must have the original passport to further process a visa. - Submit a cash or Check/Bank Draft payable to: "Embassy of Turkmenistan" (in accordance the Visa Cost Chart). Bounced Checks/Drafts are subject to INR 1,000.00 Return Fee. - Produce Visa Verification Number or Certified Letter of Invitation issued by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. The invitation is valid only for 3 (three) months from the date it was issued. - Produce original HIV/AIDS Certificate issued within last one month before the date of application from the certified by this Embassy Healthcare provider in case your intended stay in Turkmenistan is spanning for one month and more. The Certificate should be in Turkmen, English or Russian languages or have a certified translation in to one of these languages. The Embassy does not arrange any tours or provide services to obtain invitations. The Embassy issues visas only given that the requirements of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan are met. Tourists and any other category of travelers without specific business aspirations in Turkmenistan, should follow these links or visit for additional information and services available. Legal Resident Aliens: In addition to the requirements listed above, Legal Resident Aliens of the Republic of India (“Green Card” Holders) must have a valid visa for re-entry into their country of residence and must submit as well their Resident Alien Identity Card and its copy. Please, make sure that you have: 1. One (1) Visa Application per person; 2. Passport and its copy as described above; 3. One (1) passport size photo glued to the Application; 4. Fees; 5. Visa Verification Number or Certified Letter of Invitation; 6. Original HIV/AIDS Certificate, if needed. 7. Resident Alien Identity Card if required. The processing time for a visa is 10 business days. It is possible, however, to expedite the process to 1-3 business days if all the paperwork is in order and an additional 100% of the cost of the visa is included in the payment. Children 0-7 years of age – no charge; 7-16 – 50% of regular fee. Fees may vary, except for India, as the country represents single Consular District covered by this Embassy. Do, please, make prior check here. However it does not mean that any other nationals may not apply. Please, note that information provided with the Visa Application Form will be reflected in the Visa issued and should match those submitted in original documentation to the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. The Embassy is not responsible for any misprints by the applicants which may lead to cancellation of the process. Types of visas:

  • Single (normal and urgent)

  • Double (normal and urgent)

  • Multiple (normal and urgent)

Fees for Single entry visa NormalUrgent10 days35 $55 $20 days45 $75 $1 month55 $95 $2 months85 $155 $3 months115 $215 $6 months205 $395 $1 year385 $755 $Fees for Multiple entry visa NormalUrgent1 month75 $135 $2 months115 $215 $3 months155 $295 $6 months275 $535 $1 year515 $1015 $Fees for Transit visa (up to 5 days) NormalUrgentOne-time35 $55 $ Attention: the consular fees for the visa service should be paid to the Consular Section at the day of the presentation of documents. In case of cancellation, fees will not be paid back.

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