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Certificate / Documents Translation


Crown Foreign Services Private Limited offers Certified Foreign Language Translation for documents and Certificates, for the purpose of Embassy Attestation/Legalization and Visa Process.

Foreign Language Translation in India
Foreign Language Translation in India

Note: there is no government Authority/government department in India, to certify a translation, however, few embassies have authorized the translators we are also dealing with them.

We will guide you in every step whether you require the authorized translation or Certified Translation. Just drop an email or dial our helpline number.

Translation for Asian Countries Translation for Asian Countries Japan ✓‖ Korea ✓‖ China ✓‖ North Korea ✓‖ Philippines ✓‖ Indonesia ✓‖ Sri Lanka ✓‖ Bangladesh ✓‖ Malaysia ✓‖ Mongolia ✓‖ Bhutan ✓‖ Thailand ✓‖ Maldives ✓‖ Vietnam ✓‖ Laos ✓‖ India ✓‖ Nepal ✓‖ Singapore ✓‖ Pakistan ✓‖ Afghanistan ✓‖
Translation for European Countries United Kingdom✓‖Germany✓‖Sweden✓‖Spain ✓‖ Switzerland✓‖ Russia ✓‖ Bulgaria✓‖ Hungary✓‖ France ✓‖ Ireland ✓‖ Greece ✓‖ Poland ✓‖ Netherlands ✓‖ Czech Republic ✓‖ Slovakia ✓‖ Belgium✓‖ Iceland✓‖ Italy ✓‖ Austria ✓‖ Finland ✓‖ Romania ✓‖ Portugal ✓‖ Ukraine✓‖ Uzbekistan ✓‖ Kazakhstan ✓‖ Denmark ✓‖

Translation Services are available for the below-mentioned languages

1. English Language Translation

2. Mandarin Language Translation

3. Hindi Language Translation

4. Spanish Language Translation

5. French Language Translation

6. Arabic Language Translation

7. Bengali Language Translation

8. Russian Language Translation

9. Portuguese Language Translation

10. Indonesian Language Translation

Note:Translation Services for other than above mentioned languages can be provided on demand.

send email to for translation qoutation. scan copy is mandatory to get any type of qoutation*.

*qouatation through oral communication from our team will not be treated official qoutation.


Attestation and Apostille Application Center    

Crown Foreign Services Pvt Ltd

Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Brilliant Certification & Inspection

(Certificate Number: UQ-252016148)

Let's Talk   +91-011-4555-1662

WhatsApp  +91-9650-128-900

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